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Aug 03, 2017

On August 2, 2017 Sanjiv Das, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. ("Caliber") CEO, spoke with Robyn Friedman from the Wall Street Journal about the importance of choosing the right mortgage lender for your needs. Sanjiv emphasized that borrowers should consider more than just the price when searching for a lender. In the article, he commented, “Speed, certainty, and rate are all important – not just the rate.”

“I was proud to share with the Wall Street Journal how Caliber offers the benefit of speed, certainty, and rate to its customers. Our hard-working loan officers have enabled us to become one of the top non-bank jumbo lenders in the country. “As I have always said, Caliber has one of the best fulfillment operations in the nation,” remarked Sanjiv.

You can read the full article on here.