Caliber ClearChoice AUS shows you the best match for your client immediately. You’ll know now. Right now. 

With Caliber ClearChoice AUS, you’ll identify right away the loan that best serves your client. You can move ahead and move your client closer to their purchase. You may save time and reduce paperwork. Streamlined Functionality. Caliber ClearChoice AUS gives you a fast and thorough side-by-side comparison of multiple AUS types with the tap of a single button. 

Decision Making Aids. Caliber ClearChoice AUS automatically identifies the choice that will deliver the best experience for the homebuyer.

Accelerated Process. Caliber ClearChoice AUS may result in increased appraisal waivers and reduced documentation requirements for the borrower.*

The Caliber ClearChoice AUS is intuitive, streamlined, and easy to navigate. It’s a powerful tool giving you the advantage of knowing the right loan for your client instantly. And it’s available only from Caliber Wholesale.

Give yourself the advantage of finding the right match for your borrower instantly. Know now. Right now. Learn how to put the Caliber ClearChoice AUS to work for you,

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* Some loan applications are not suited for digital delivery of asset, income, employment and other documentation required for loan approval. Processing and closing times vary depending on the nature and complexity of the transaction.