What to Expect During the Migration

We're making it official! We are thrilled to combine our platforms and strengths between Newrez and Caliber Wholesale. Both companies are trusted by homeowners and mortgage professionals across the country and together we will continue to exceed expectations, provide superior service, and help our brokers make the smart move with all their mortgage decisions. As we fully integrate, this page will be a resource for updates.

The Integration is On


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you are limited to one amazing AE that we've assigned to you based on past partnership. They should have already reached out to you, or someone on your team, to provide clarity on the process and next steps.

You will continue to work your Newrez submitted loans through LION. We project to have LION completely decommissioned by 2Q 2022. As you enter your migration phase, you will no longer be able to register new loans.
No. If you are new to Caliber – welcome! You'll set up a new set of credentials for your ongoing partnership via Caliber and our Blueprint portal.
You will be required to setup users. If you need help managing your team within Blueprint, reference our Broker Portal page that has several helpful user guides and training videos here. You are also encouraged to call us at 1-888-426-7026, for support.

If you had an established partnership with both Caliber and Newrez you will need to choose your preferred LO Compensation. If you only were partnered with Newrez, we've set your Caliber account up with those same preferences.

If you were approved with Caliber previously, we'll renew your agreement on the Caliber timeline. Your current Newrez agreement will only apply for loans historically placed with Newrez. If you were previously approved with Newrez, Newrez will assign your agreement to Caliber so there is no interruption in business. We will renew your agreement to Caliber Terms and Conditions upon your next scheduled renewal date according to the Newrez renewal cycle

Yes. We will, at the time of transfer, migrate your VA approval and fee over to Caliber for 2021 originations. 2022 will need to be reset under Caliber terms and conditions. Talk to your Account Executive for details.

For your Newrez originated loans, your contacts for Operations will remain unchanged. If the AM transfers over to Caliber, the Operations person at Newrez will change. For Caliber originated loans, log into the Blueprint Portal and look to the right navigation bar for your Operations contacts. If you need any further assistance in navigating the process or registering your first loan, contact The Brigade at 1-888-426-7026, option 1 or via email at

For your Newrez originations, processing and closing will remain with our team in Ft. Washington. For Caliber originations, you've been assigned to a Regional Operations Center to optimize our connection with you. Contact your Account Executive for further details.

For loans originated with Newrez, your customers servicing location will not change. For Caliber originated loans, your customers will be serviced by Caliber Home Loans. To learn more about that experience, key contacts, and our Reconnect program contact your Account Executive.

Our Brigade team stands ready to support your Blueprint training needs. Call us today to schedule a time at 1-888-426-7026. We have Blueprint training resources and videos available here. You can also attend live trainings, to register click here.


Points of Contact

The Brigade / TPO Assist
IT Help Desk and Blueprint Support
  • 888-426-7026 Option 4 
  • Live chat through Blueprint
  • Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM CST/CDT
Broker Agreements, Contracts, Compensation, and related other questions

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