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Not only is this an exciting time, but we have good news for you and your business!

Broker companies with a higher adoption rate of Caliber for Brokers have seen a reduction in cycle times (average time from loan created to loan cleared) of 3.5 days. This, in turn, has had a major impact on our borrowers by allowing them to get into the home of their dreams quicker and more efficiently.

Fast and Easy Lending Process
Closing a loan with us is easier than ever before with Blueprint your “go to” hub for managing your lending experience that includes an easy-to-use interface designed to provide you with a faster digital experience. Your Broker portal will allow you to run 5 different pricing scenarios at one time, and includes control over My Pipeline to price, create, and close a loan quickly. Submitting a loan? Simply drag, drop, and submit.

Now Even Smarter!
Experience the upgraded power of our Smart Series!
For SmartVest, our new guideline changes are increasing the maximum refi cash out amount to $1 million! Borrowers can now get more equity cash from existing properties to invest on new properties.
There’s good news around SmartEdge too, as new guideline changes are financing for Condotels.

Let’s Do This!
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