Think of every home loan you’ve originated over the years. Hundreds? Thousands? These are your customers – and we’ll help you keep them. We’re able to do that because Caliber Home Loans keeps the loans you originate with us and continues to service them, instead of selling them off to the highest bidder. Because we stay connected to all those clients you’ve helped in the past, we know when they reach out for a new loan or show other indications of interest, and we’ll be here to let you know about it.


Old customers = new business

We call it Reconnect, and it helps you transform those customers into new business. You’ve already done the work of establishing a relationship with them and helping them secure the right mortgage, which was likely the biggest financial transaction of their life. Now you can stay connected to that relationship with timely leads through Reconnect.  

Reconnect really works – as of October 2020, we've delivered more than 38,000 leads to Caliber Business Partners. This translates to more business for you. Repeat homebuyers consistently report that an existing relationship is one of their top three reasons for choosing a mortgage broker, along with good rates and low fees.


Know exactly when to contact past clients

With Reconnect, you receive predictor alerts when a previous client is likely to refinance or purchase. You receive a power alert if this new action is likely to occur within 24 hours. So while you’re working hard for your next new customer, we’ll help you reconnect with past customers at the ideal time – when they’re thinking about a new loan.


No fees

The leads you get through Reconnect are free. They’re one of the benefits of being a Caliber Business Partner. With Reconnect, you can form long-term relationships with your customers and create a new level of sustainability for your business.  

For more information, contact your Caliber Account Executive. 


*Caliber does not retain servicing on all loans originated and may not service loans originated for the entire term of the loan.

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