About Us

In 2016, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. created the Military and Veteran Lending Team to provide the industry’s best lending services to veteran and active military homebuyers. Our team of Military and Veteran Lending Professionals are specifically trained to handle these types of loans and are committed to remaining the most informed in the market through ongoing education and training.

Our team supports Caliber’s operations and originations teams through the ever-changing needs of military and veteran clients. Over the years, we’ve become a secret weapon for those who specialize in this demographic.



Through our unwavering commitment to the Military, Veterans, and our partners – whom we consider to be our extended family – we’re providing you with full access to these unique resources:

VA Support Mailbox
VA Support Mailbox

Get timely, accurate answers to all your VA lending-related questions so you can get back to your clients with information and confidence.

VA Support Mailbox
Wholesale COE Mailbox

A missing certificate of eligibility (COE) can stop a VA loan, but our team helps get it back on track. Just send us an email, and we’ll do the rest.


Our Unmatched Leadership

Built by Veterans, for Veterans.


Bryan J. Bergjans SVP, National Director of Military & Veteran Lending

Bryan is focused on expanding the way we support servicemembers and their families in the home lending sphere. His work over the years has driven a sharp increase in Caliber’s VA loan originations.

After honorably servicing on active duty in the Navy from 1995 - 1998, Bryan went on to earn his MBA and master's degree in HR management from American InterContinental University. Although he started his mortgage banking career in 2002, he remains a member of the United States Naval Reserves. Bryan is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Freedom Sentinel completing a deployment to Afghanistan in 2015. Today, he serves as a Company Commander for Naval Cargo Handling Battalion Eleven in Jacksonville, FL. 

Bryan was recently featured in this National Mortgage Professional article.

Get to know the rest of Caliber’s stellar leadership team here.

Looking to The Future

In 2021, we’ll have even more for you and your teams. New developments will include:

A monthly newsletter to keep you updated on all things military and veteran-related

A wide range of high-value VA training for you and your strategic partners

A quarterly incentive for Business Partners who attend Caliber VA Training


The Caliber Challenge Coin

Challenge coins have a rich history in the military, which some would say dates back to as early as World War I, when given to an elite flying squadron. The symbolism of the challenge coin became more and more popular during the days of the Vietnam war and they’re still popular today. Although they’re most often associated with the military, other organizations are able to give challenge coins too.

To an outsider, a challenge coin might look like nothing more than a fancy collectible. It’s true that these coins are collector’s items, but they’re also shrouded in a very real and meaningful tradition. Challenge coins indicate an individual’s membership in something important, and there are rules that govern them. Playing the game by throwing down a challenge with a coin is something with which every challenge coin owner is probably familiar. There’s something special about this, and that’s why we’ve chosen to make it a part of our VA lending program.

To show our deep gratitude to your clients for their service to this great nation, we will be sending them one of our custom-made challenge coins. Since we took this tradition up in 2016, we’ve sent 51,000 coins to deserving military and veteran Caliber clients and partners.