At Caliber, we service the majority of our loans, meaning we keep the loans that originate with us and continue to manage them, instead of selling them to other servicing companies.* 

What exactly is loan servicing?  

Loan servicing refers to the administrative management of a loan that lasts until the loan is paid off. Loan servicing includes sending monthly statements, collecting monthly payments, maintaining records of the balance, collecting and paying taxes and insurance, and following up on any late payments. 

Who usually services a mortgage loan?  

Loan servicing can be managed by the lender that issued the loan, a non-banking company that specializes in loan servicing or a third-party vendor hired by the lender. At Caliber, we generally keep the loans and service them ourselves. This allows us to maintain relationships with the borrowers and ensure excellent customer service for the life of the loan.  

What does this mean to Caliber Business Partners? 

The fact that we service our loans is an advantage to our Caliber Business Partners because we stay connected to all of the clients they’ve helped in the past, and we know when the borrower reaches out for a new loan or shows other indications of interest. When that happens, we notify the broker through our Reconnect program, which is a great way to help our brokers maintain their relationships and keep their customers happy.


* Caliber does not retain servicing on all loans originated and may not service loans originated for the entire term of the loan.