Log into your H2Online (H2O) account, click on “Fees & Disclosures” on your blue ladder of success, and then select “Generate Disclosures.” Reminder: You must complete a fee quote before you can generate a disclosure.

Choose how you’d like to send the disclosure (DocuSign or USPS), and set electronic delivery options if you’d like here.

The Anti-Steering section allows you to include the anti-steering disclosure with the Caliber disclosure. Simply enter the interest rate and total origination charges minus the lender credit. This will save you time and ensure that you won’t miss out on this disclaimer down the road.

You’ll have the option to add the Mortgage Broker Fee/Compensation Agreement to this package, as well. Choose “yes” or “no” from the dropdown.

Under Manage Additional Broker Disclosures, you can choose to upload additional disclosure documents into this package. To add, click “Manage Broker Disclosures,” drag and drop them into the screen or browse and select them from your documents. To define all e-signature locations in each document, click and drag icons to add signature, initial, and date fields to where they should be in the disclosure. When complete, confirm by selecting “Yes” in the dropdown for the “Have you completed defining all E-Signature locations, if required, for your additional broker disclosures?” field.

Next, you’ll be able to generate your disclosure with the click of a button. Click “Confirm and Generate,” and the system will create your disclosure package. This can take up to 2-5 minutes. Once it’s complete, click “Retrieve Docs.” Now you’ll be able to review the package for accuracy. If you have changes, click “Void Disclosure Package,” review and update the sections of the package.

To send the disclosure, ensure everything in the package is accurate, and click “Send Disclosure.”

You can also watch this quick video to see on-screen instructions for generating and sending disclosures in H2O.