Once you’ve logged into your H2Online (H2O) account, access the blue ladder of success and click on “AUS.” If this is your first time clicking running Caliber ClearChoice AUS, a User Agreement will pop up. Review and accept the terms to move on.

You’ll be routed to the ClearChoice AUS page. Under “Credit Report Transaction,” enter the credit agency you’re using and your credit credentials. Note: Make sure your credit agency login information is updated in H2O.

If you haven’t pulled any credit yet, select “Request New Findings” in the dropdown next to “Desktop Underwriter (DU)” and “LPA through Caliber (LPA-C).” If you have pulled credit before, select “Import/Update Existing” and enter your Casefile ID.

Now scroll back to the top of the page and select “Submit for AUS.”

ClearChoice AUS will begin running with LPA and DU simultaneously. You’ll see a table with a breakdown of each option, and which one is recommended. Click on the pdf icon for each to review the details of the findings. Choose which option you want, and you’re done!

Watch this video for a quick on-screen walkthrough of how to run Caliber ClearChoice AUS in H2O.