Loan Advisor is Caliber’s pricing and search engine tool where anyone approved with Caliber Home Loans, Inc. can come to price out live loans and potential loan scenarios and receive live accurate pricing in minutes. This can be accessed by logging into your H2Onlne (H2O) account.

Within Loan advisor, there are multiple ways to price out different loan programs and options based on the client’s needs or wants. All loans originated on this channel will need to have an eligible loan program or product assigned and/or locked in to be able to proceed with the disclosure and submission process.

Loan Advisor also covers lock terms, applicable pricing adjustments, and how our partners want to be compensated. Discovering a lender’s pricing can sometimes be confusing, especially if you must remember the different options for each different lender you currently work with.

In this video, you’ll see how you can locate Loan Advisor on H2O’s Dashboard and on the blue ladder of success inside a live Loan. It will also show how you can use Loan advisor to successfully see what products, programs and rates your borrowers may or may not qualify for. You’ll also get an overview of what fields are required or not required to show results.

By using Loan Advisor, you’ll also have access to a key feature that will help you remain competitive and truthful when searching for the best rates. Known as our “View off sheet pricing” feature, this is combined with the “more rate” function to show all rates currently being offered to approved Partners. You’ll also see how to choose the float/assign and lock features. Once a loan is decided, the product and rate can be selected without a 3.2 being uploaded. This will prompt the system to generate a loan number to begin the application process.

Loan advisor also has the option to give an accurate breakdown of all pricing adjustments, mortgage insurance pricing, and adjustments when applicable.