Required VA disclosures:
  • A VA payment comparison letter and lender certification: Must be presented within three days of the initial application and again at the time of closing
  • The borrower’s nearest living relative
  • VA pending and pre-discharge claim pending certification
Good to know about applying for a Caliber VA IRRRL:
  • No income
  • No assets
  • No verification of employment (VOE)/no employment listed
  • The last VA loan amount is used to determine appraised value
Step 1

Get borrower documentation

  • Copy of the borrower(s) current VA Note
  • Validation of Social Security Number, including a copy of his or her social security card or wet signed SSA form (located in the Caliber Disclosure package) 
  • Copy of borrower(s) Driver’s License
  • Homeowners’ Dec Page
Step 2

Register and/or lock in the loan

  • From Click on the “Access Blueprint” button in the top right corner
  • Enter the following minimum required information when registering the loan:
    • Purpose of Loan: Refinance
    • Refinance Purpose/Type: No C/O: Rate/Term
    • Document Type: Streamline
Step 3

Order a VA case number through the VA loan guaranty site

Step 4

Obtain mortgage only credit report 

  • We will also accept a full credit report. In community property states a non-borrowing spouse also has to provide a mortgage only or full credit report.

Step 5

Obtain a pay-off statement from the borrower’s current mortgage servicer after initial registration

  • Do not run a Desktop Underwriter (DU) or Loan Prospector (LP). A VA IRRRL is a manually underwritten loan

  • Do not order a pest inspection or appraisal

VA Support Mailbox
VA Support Mailbox

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VA Support Mailbox
Wholesale COE Mailbox

A missing certificate of eligibility (COE) can stop a VA loan, but our team helps get it back on track. Just send us an email, and we’ll do the rest.