Caliber Wholesale is switching from IRS Form 4506-T to Form 4506-C.

Caliber Home Loans, Inc. has begun making the transition to IRS form 4506-C. Here’s more information on what you can expect over the next weeks.

The IRS has introduced a new form for requesting tax transcripts: IRS Form 4506-C. Lenders will begin using this form beginning Monday, March 1, 2021. At Caliber, we will begin requiring it to be used beginning Friday, February 12, 2021.

IRS Form 4506-C will replace IRS Form 4506-T in the following closing packages:

Closing Package Details
Closing Disclosure Package If the loan is express-closing eligible, Form 4506-C will be printed in the initial Closing Disclosure Package.
Closing Documents Package If the loan is not express-closing eligible, Form 4506-C will be printed in the Closing Documents Package.


Additional information

  • All other disclosure packages will include IRS Form 4506-T.
  • Remaining disclosure packages will transition to IRS Form 4506-C by February 12, 2021.
  • Until the transition to the new form is complete, our loans will have IRS Form 4506-T and Form 4506-C.

Questions about how this form change will affect you? Contact us today.