H2Online (H2O) with Caliber Home Loans, Inc. makes the loan registration process easier than you may expect. Just follow these simple steps:

To begin the loan registration process, log into your H2O account. You’ll see your dashboard landing page.

From your dashboard, click on the Create a New Loan icon. You’ll be redirected to the “Create New Loan” screen. Choose your loan channel (wholesale or CL1). Note: This can’t be corrected later on, so make sure you make the right selection the first time.

Next, select the 1003 loan creation method, and import your file by either dragging and dropping it into the window or browsing your computer to upload.

Select the appropriate state for the subject property. If you have an executed purchase agreement, you can also upload it under “Upload Submission Package” now. When you’re ready, click “Next.”

The Application Tracker window will pop up. As long as you have four of the six key data points in the loan record, you’ll see this window appear. Identify the property address options, confirm, and enter the application date. Click “Save and Continue.”

Another pop-up will appear, and you’ll be given a new Caliber loan number for your newly registered loan.

See the steps of loan registration in this quick video.