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Jun 14, 2022

Thanks to everyone who joined Caliber Wholesale for our Affordable Lending Webinar. We depend on our attendees to provide thoughtful questions and feedback about affordable home lending to help us continue to improve for you – so you can improve for your borrowers.

It wouldn’t have been the same without you!

If you weren’t able to attend our webinar or would like a refresher on everything we discussed, you’ve come to the right place. Catch up on everything here.

Tony Kottenbrock, SVP of Wholesale Lending, Caliber Home Loans, Inc.
Nora Guerra, Affordable Lending Manager, SF Client and Community Engagement
Single Family Division
Consuelo Torres, Loan Officer, Vintage Lending
Tracy Evans, Account Executive, Caliber Home Loans, Inc.

Follow these links to see the presentations: Caliber and Freddie Mac

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1:00-5:30: Introductions
5:31-20:50: Nora Guerra, Affordable Lending Manager SF Client and Community Engagement Single Family Division of Freddie Mac
20:51-28:08: Consuelo Torres, Loan Officer, Vintage Lending
28:09-41:18: Tracy Evans, Account Executive, Caliber Wholesale
41:19-59:34: Live Q&A session

Does Home Possible® allow 2- to 3-unit properties? If so, what is the down payment requirement?
Yes. Home Possible® allows up to 4 units. The minimum down payment is 5%. Note: Rental income may only be used under certain circumstances. Check with your AE for details.
How does Home Possible® work with student loan debt?
The same as with all other Freddie Mac loans: If in deferment, use .50. If in income-driven repayment with a payment reporting, use payment on credit.
Does Home Possible® allow financing for “tiny homes” or manufactured homes?
With manufactured homes, yes – if they meet a certain criteria. Confirm with your AE for more details. At this home, tiny homes are not prohibited.
Where can I locate down payment assistance programs in my area?
Caliber Wholesale has published a great post about the difference between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans here. On this page, you’ll find direct links to Fannie Mae’s Lookup Tool that will highlight available down payment programs for a certain area.
If using a down payment assistance program and Home Possible®, are there any additional adjustments that must be made to the file?
If a down payment is being utilized for Home Possible®, no adjustment is required.
Even if the borrower’s bonus income is consistent for two years, does it need to be included for Home Possible®?
No. Other income is optional for qualifying purposes.
Can you explain the 105% loan-to-value ratio (LTV) for Home Possible®?
For Home Possible®, the maximum LTV allowed is 97%. A maximum 105% CTV rate is permitted with community seconds. Contact your AE for more information.
Does Home Possible® use household income to qualify?
No. Only qualifying income is used. Other income is discretionary.
Is spouse income required on Home Possible® loans?
No. The spouse may be on the loan, but utilization of their income is not required.
If a borrower has a larger down payment (over 3%) and is within the income limits, can Home Possible® still be used?
Absolutely! Contact your AE for more information.
What is the maximum debt-to-income ratio (DTI) for Home Possible®?
It is up to the AUS, but will never exceed 49.99.
Any tips on how to use Home Possible® to finance a high-cost home (costing more than $700K)?
This is usually seen in markets with high AMI limits, such as coastal areas. Get in contact with your AE for more specific information.
How often are Home Possible® income limits reviewed?
The median income limits are updated annually.
Will Home Possible® accept funds from electronic sources such as PayPal or CashApp?
This possibility is still under review. Stay tuned.
How can I access the Freddie Mac Lookup Tool?
We’ve placed the link to the Freddie Mac Lookup Tool on our Loan Product page here.
Is there any Home Possible® training available for Loan Officers?
Yes! That training can be located directly on the Freddie Mac website here.
How do you access Blueprint? Is it the same as H2O?
Go to and click on the Access Blueprint button on the top right of the page. Blueprint is a broker portal powered by our legacy H2O system.
What is the qualifying rate of a temporary buydown?
Qualification is based on the note rate, not the temporary payment.


Have more questions about Home Possible® and how Caliber Wholesale can help bring better affordable home loan options to more borrowers? Contact us today.