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Feb 11, 2020

In the weeks and months ahead, several employees and business partners of Caliber Home Loans, Inc. will be appearing in video interviews hosted by Shred Media. Interviewer Josh Pitts has a special passion for the success of the local home loan professional, a passion that we share

We’re enthusiastically engaging with this series because it presents a unique venue to show how we help brokers and local loan officers “Perform at a Higher Caliber.”

In upcoming interviews, you’ll hear from the people who work at Caliber Wholesale and from the business partners who rely on us. They’ll share their own stories which highlight the qualities that make Caliber Wholesale such a critical ally for the local loan professional. Viewers will learn how Caliber:

  • Becomes an extension of the local team.
  • Keeps the end customer in mind.
  • Treats brokers as people rather than as transactions.
  • Takes extra efforts to make loans happen.

Featuring the various faces of Caliber is fitting as we actively promote genuinely caring for the customer and the community. Technology and processes take a potential loan only so far. Very often, the loan professional’s persistence, personal experience, and knowledge of the community make the difference in a successful close.

At Caliber Wholesale, we say we care. Now, you will see and hear it for yourself. A prime example is the interview with Caliber sales manager Tracy Evans, which you can watch here.

If you’d like to join our network of Business Partners and “Perform at a Higher Caliber,” visit for more details.