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Apr 19, 2021

At Caliber Home Loans Inc., we strive to be the trusted mortgage resource the brave men and women of the United States military deserve. Not only do we provide your military borrowers a variety of VA loans, we provide you the expertise, education, and direct support to serve and honor them with a tradition that celebrates their strength and sacrifice.

Whether a borrower is a veteran, reservist, or in active service, we believe in upholding a time-honored tradition that started over a century ago during the first World War: the challenge coin.

About the Challenge Coin

The challenge coin is believed to have been a military tradition since World War I, after a captured Air Force pilot was able to show his unique medallion to allied forces – ultimately resulting in his escape from prosecution.

Over the following 100+ years, challenge coins have been created and distributed with a specific meaning both inside and outside of the military. They’re now used as symbols of achievements and alliances made within groups, teams, and organizations. Challenge coins are a simple, yet meaningful token to show new members they’re an accepted part of an exclusive group.

Challenge coins have also made their way into the private sector – with companies like Caliber joining in on the tradition.

Caliber’s Custom Challenge Coin

In 2016, we decided to create our own custom challenge coin to give our veteran and active duty clients upon closing their loans. After all, closing a loan on a home is an achievement worth celebrating. What better way to symbolize a large life milestone than with a challenge coin?

Since we launched this initiative, Caliber challenge coins have become prized possessions by their owners and serve as a sign of good luck for the elite group of borrowers who have them. Each insert accompanying the coin features your company's name, too!

Sharing Our Military Lending Expertise

At Caliber, we love our military, veterans, and military families. If you share the same sentiments and want to be a part of something great, you’ll love working with us.

Enjoy connecting with heroes and their families every day, help them find, finance, and stay in their dream homes, gain and share education about VA loans, and so much more. Ready to get started? Partner with Caliber today!