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Feb 04, 2022

What is SmartEdge?

For borrowers who fall just outside of strict jumbo loan guidelines, SmartEdge may be a perfect financing solution. What’s different? Non-traditional features, flexible guidelines, and interest-only payments.

The best part? This is a great solution for borrowers who have had a credit event (like a bankruptcy, short sale, or foreclosure) in the past that prevents them from qualifying for conforming loans.

Why SmartEdge?

  • Loan amounts up to $3 million
  • Alternative income qualifications
  • Only 2-4-year wait time (seasoning) to apply after a derogatory credit event
  • Asset amortization/depletion may be used to qualify

Who can benefit from SmartEdge?

  • Trust fund inheritors
  • Former athletes
  • Someone who sold a business for a large profit
  • Restricted stock owners
  • And more!

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Jason was a former professional athlete who invested the majority of his earnings in real estate. After a financial crisis, he had to foreclose on one of the properties. After rebounding financially, he was happy to hear that although he experienced a foreclosure three years prior, he was able to qualify for SmartEdge and purchase a new million-dollar rental property.

Isabelle sold a multi-million-dollar business, set up a trust fund for her family, and invested in stock. Because she has no reportable income from the last few years, she was unable to qualify for a jumbo loan to purchase a home. Instead, her assets were used to qualify her for her SmartEdge.