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Feb 04, 2022

What is SmartSelf?

SmartSelf is a non-qualified mortgage option that’s ideal loan for a self-employed borrower who may not qualify for a mortgage using tax returns for income verification. It’s designed to make it easier for business owners or other self-employed borrowers to qualify for home financing so they can achieve their homeownership dreams!

The best part? You can use alternative income documentation to qualify for a mortgage. Break out the bank statements!

Why SmartSelf?

  • Higher debt-to-income ratio
  • Use 12 or 24-month bank statements to qualify
  • No tax returns or tax transcripts required
  • Available for loan amounts up to $3 million

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Maggie averaged an annual income of $175,000, had an excellent credit score rating, and a sizeable savings account for a down payment. Her reported income on her tax returns did not meet jumbo eligibility guidelines to repay the loan. With the option to provide bank statements to show cash flow versus tax returns, she was approved for a SmartSelf loan.