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Feb 04, 2022

What is SmartVest?

SmartVest is a non-qualified mortgage option that’s ideal for experienced real estate investors who have complex finances, are growing large portfolios, or want to grow their income with investment (rental) properties.

Reasons to Choose SmartVest:

  • Purchase additional investment portfolio inventory
  • Option to access equity in a current portfolio of homes to buy more investment properties
  • Use equity in current portfolio to upgrade or remodel existing portfolio properties
  • Use the market rent (cash flow) from the subject property to qualify
  • Less documentation required compared to a conventional loan
  • No income documentation required

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

Sally was looking to buy another property to expand her investment portfolio. The subject property was reviewed and verified to generate adequate rental income to cover the mortgage payment. Additionally, because she had a sizeable amount of money to put down and a 660 credit score, she met SmartVest’s qualifying criteria. With this loan, she purchased another rental home (largely based on the appraisal) and can have the mortgage debt paid through the rental income it generates.

Weston wanted to invest in another high-end rental property. After reviewing available financing options, he moved forward with SmartVest, mainly because he was able to access the equity in his current portfolio of homes to qualify and ultimately purchase the property. Compared to the other lending solutions used to finance rental properties, SmartVest was simple and easy– and required less documentation!