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Dec 02, 2021
And the winners are

Thanksgiving offers a great time to reflect on the people and organizations that we are thankful for every year. Often, it’s a friend, family member, volunteer or coworker that can offer guidance, support, and a hand up during life’s inevitable tough times.

It’s that same spirit that inspires our Thanksgiving Contest for Caliber Club partners who have gone above and beyond. We sent out a survey to Caliber Club members and the Brokers submitted their entries.

Therefore, it’s with much gratitude for a job well-done that we donate $500 to a special charity of their choice in honor of the following five amazing individuals!


And the winners are

Broker: Linda Burek  |  Company: First Choice Mortgage   |
Charity Selected: Wounded Warrior Project:  |  Clearwater, FL

Linda Burek’s late husband served our country for 27-years as an Armed Services Officer. “My husband was the most upstanding man I have ever met.” Linda added, “He always contributed to the Wounded Warrior Foundation so in his honor, this is the foundation I would like to donate to.” Linda said that Officer Burek was laid to rest in at Bushnell National Cemetery with the Honor Guard.

Linda describes her company as “a small organization with a big reputation for being ethical and trustworthy.”

We thank Officer Burek for his service to both our country and to other veterans in need.


And the winners are

Broker: Dahlia Phillips  |  Company: Priority 1 Lending  |  Account Executive – Thomas Carroll  |
Charity Selected: Amity Foundation   |   Livonia, MI

Dahlia volunteers with her local Keller Williams Legacy Culture Committee. Dahlia said, “This committee is determined to help make a difference in the lives of the refugees in their community. They have fled from very difficult lives to live in peace here in the U.S. We work with local charities and schools to see what basic living supplies these families need to get them back on their feet.” In the month of November, they are partnering with Amity Foundation to do their annual Turkey Drive for new families most in need.”

Dahlia makes herself available 24-7 for her clients because she loves what she does.


And the winners are

Broker: Adam Brotzman  |  Company: Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC  |  Account Executive - Christine Steele  |  
Charity: Scottsdale Firefighters Local 5050-100 Club of AZ:  |  Scottsdale, AZ

Adam has been a firefighter in his community for over 20-years. His team has been able to provide a First Responder Home Buying program that gives back to police, firefighters, military, healthcare workers, and teachers by making regular donations to local fire departments. They also offer financial counseling to those that need it. “We believe in helping people achieve homeownership and counseling people to make good financial decisions along the process of their home buying experience.” Adam added, “Giving back to a local charity is a priceless act that we believe in.”

Adam’s realtor partners at Counsel Mortgage Group, LLC are also seasoned firefighters.


And the winners are

Broker: Megan Ennis  |  Company: Citrus Lending Inc  |  
Charity: The Path of Citrus County  |  Crystal River, FL

Megan’s charity is faith-based and operates on donations. Their program provides a broad array of services including safe shelters for homeless families and including those struggling with addiction issues. Their services also include counseling, rehabilitation and preparing individuals for the workforce and helping them find jobs. “I am thankful for being able to help make a difference in our community one person at a time,” said Megan. “We all need to help our fellow Americans out in their time of need.”

Megan believes that everyone deserves a home regardless of their past life events, and their company motto is “we leave no family (persons) behind.”


And the winners are

Broker: Michael Bailey  |  Company: Michael Bailey Mortgage, LLC  |  
Charity: Southside Baseball/Softball Association:  |  Birmingham, AL

For his charity, Michael chose a local youth sports league where he serves as the treasurer. They recruit young people from the intercity then pair them with kids of different socioeconomic backgrounds. “Southside Baseball/Softball Association prides itself on the fact that they never turn anyone away and provide equipment to kids that need it, and we also pay to maintain the park year-round.” Michael added, “in addition to learning baseball, kids learn life lessons as well as forming life-long friendships with kids they would have otherwise never met.”

Michael has been in the mortgage business since 2004 and established his own business in Jan. 2020. He and his children have been involved with Southside Ball for over ten years and all four of his sons have played at Southside.

Congratulations to all five winners and a huge thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. Your boundless generosity makes a big difference and goes a long way in making this world a better place, one act of kindness at a time!


Happy Thanksgiving!