Imagine having immediate access to all the documents you need for your records, post-closing, and more. Within 30-days of your closing, documents are available to make sure you’re better prepared for potential audits and required record keeping. Caliber Wholesale gives you direct access!

Caliber Wholesale calls it the Post-Close Toolbox. There, you’ll be able to download all or choose selected documents within the traditional Electronic Filing Manager (EFM), including:

  • Upfront disclosures.
  • Credit documents.
  • Completed underwriting documents.
  • Signed closing documents.
  • Ability to export your 3.2 file into your operating system.

It contains items you need for post-close audits. What’s more, documents are saved into a single PDF, and can be customized as needed. With the Post-Close Toolbox, there’s no waiting to hear back on what post-closing documents you need to provide. You’ll be able to take care of it all on your own, instantly.

You, the Business Partner, are in charge.


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